DIY projects are taking the industry by storm! More and more home owners are wanting to take the next step of their design ideas and learn how to do it themselves. It not only saves them money but it also gives you some pride in knowing that you accomplished something great!

One of the biggest mistakes I see happen with DIY projects is planning and learning how to do it right.

We have all seen some great shows on TV where we see professionals show you how they do it, and when you see the finished project you may feel inspired to try it yourself… That is great, in many ways that was the point of the show. However in the back ground, there is a lot of planning and a lot of knowledge that went into executing the project.

So when you decide to take on your own DIY projects start with a plan, a plan will help you stay in budget, a plan will help you make smarter buying decisions, it will also reduce a lot of stress once you have started the project.

To get the plan going, start with some research, find inspirational images and ideas that you want to draw from for your finished product. Then start to piece it together, do some rough sketches and play around with the ideas until you find the one that works the best.

Next is the education part. Take some time to learn how to do the project your about to take on. Weather it be tiling, deck building, partition construction, drywalling, you name it, there are tricks in the trade to make the project easier and smoother.

Many local hardware stores have on site specialists that can show you some tricks for installation of many household projects you will be undertaking. I really encourage you to take the time to look into this, it cam save you money and time once you start the project.

These two small steps are crucial steps in the success of any project around the house.

Good luck with your DIY projects, and if you would like, share your experiences in a comment below…