Stones and Their Meanings

Stones and Their Meanings

Stones and minerals are said to have all sorts of healing powers and energizing components. Feng Shui methods use rocks as grounders in a space, a way of bringing in an outdoor element and having it help create a balamce of energies. Rock are known to contain a vibrating  force that sends off vibes of a range of benifits.

There are tones of different stones and minerals you can find and use in the home. The variety of colors are endless and the sizes and shapes you can find make it easier to source out the perfect tone size and shape for every thing you need.

We will go over a few of the basics and the most popular ones so you can get started on your collections…

Rose Quartz; this is known to be a healing stone, quartz is one of the more popular when it comes to feng shui decor elements. The Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love is said to restore trust and love in a relationship, and to encourage unconditional love. It helps restore and create the balance. This stone is believed to have the power of healing the heart and restless thoughts, it is said to help draw the insecurities and suspisions of the heart and repace them with a new ability to trust and bond with your partner. you can find many example in mythology of the uses of this stone of the heart.

You can get rose quartz in jewlery, carved stones, smooth or rough natural shapes. They can be found in all sorts of different sizes and textures. One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to keep it out of the sun, prolonged exosure can effect the natural pink hue it has.

There are many variations and examples of what this stones means and the type of healing if brings. But the overall message is one of wellbeing and emotional happiness. It has been used for centuries in all different cultures for its healing and emotional support for matters of the heart. There are many poeple who dont believe in this sort of thing, but for those who do, it is worth looking into.

Selenite Crystral; When it comes to removing bad energy in a space, the Selenite Crystal should be your go too. It is one of the few minerals with the power to unblock stagmenet energy and restore the flow within your home.

This Crystal will also sheild and protect you form outside negitive  energy. There are tones of uses for this crystal in a number of differnet theropies. We wont get into detail on those, however if you are looking for a good crystal to start with, the Selenite Crystal is the one.

I recently acquired a few of these myself. I love the precious look of the pearl white color, and the textures of the stone are very elegant. In my search for this stone, I mainly found it in two shapes, a wond like shape and tower looking shape.

Calcite Crystal; this is a high energy crystal which is great for long distance heaing. it promotes your learning abilities which makes it a great crystal to have around when you are studying or trying to learnm somthing new, it is said to help you absorb more and have a clarer understanding.

This crystal also symbolising cleansing, making it a great thing to have around when you are looking for a fresh start or turning a new page in your life. It can help restore a new sence of commitment which helps you grow the feelings of being able to make things possible, in turn changing your mindset to a more positive outlook making moving forwrd and accomplishing things more likely.

The colour variations you can find this stone in can be pretty vast, there is no shortage of this crystal around the world making it easy for you to find. I recently just found a great one at my local Homesence.


Agate Geodes; these are a powerful collection of stones. Created in browed holes left by animals or the cracks in the earth created by trees, these stones bring good luck, protection and growth.

The rock itself is available in a range of colours, more common are grey, white, brown, pink and salmon, red, organge, blank and yellow. They can be found in shades or green and blue, but those are much more rare. I really like these stones for a decorative standpoint as well because the a singe piece can be found in a collection of colours, layered into the rock creating charactor and life. In research of this stone each color variation is sopose to offer different benefits, most of which range through awareness, protection, luck and decisiveness in decision making.

Like anything you bring into your home, I always suggest choosing a piece that speaks to you, if you are drawn to something there is a reason for it. It if you then decide to presue further explanation of the colours and their benifits I would encourage you then to look into it further.

My favourite thing about this rock is the ability to aquire it with its natural outer edge, with its refined inner layers exposed, some may be polished and some left with the inner crystals. The introduction to earth elements in your decor really do offer a ying and yang element. For those of you who believe in its effects, it is something to consoder.


There are tones and tones of different stones out there, all with fifferent means and benifits. Something like this you could really have fun with. you could find a decoritive bowl you like and place it in a focal place like a coffee table, and slwoly collect differnet stones that mena somthing to you. As the collection grows, you are collecting all the postivie benifits from the stones, and it could also become a fun little conversation piece when entertaining.

I love elements that have a duel purpose. Remeber decorating is creating an impression, you are exporessing yourslef when creating the prefcet living envioronment. Adding natural elements like rocks and minerals have such a visually gruonding effect, and like many rock experts will say, they also give off some great energy too.

What stone is your favourite?

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6 thoughts on “Stones and Their Meanings

  1. My Daughter recently got me a Celecite crystal for my birthday. It’s all sorts of shades or greens and cream colors, it’s super pretty, never would have though i would enjoy something like this as a decor element… I may have to get myself a few more 🙂

  2. These are beautiful! I have a daughter who really loves stones and I think to use them as home decor accent is a wonderful idea. This post about their benefits and how to use them was extremely informative, thank you!

    1. Thank you Sylvie for visiting my site, I really have a new found obsession with gemstones. It is a part of the puzzle if your trying to achieve a feng shui living space. They have benefits that are known in many different cultures. Oh and don’t forget, some of them are really really pretty. If you decide to get some of your own please come back and tell me about them.

  3. I surprised my wife with some gemstones and a bowl like what you wrote about here. Got them from homescence, thought the prices were pretty good. Tried a place called green earth too, but it was a bit more expensive then I wanted.

    Thanks for the post. My wife loves the surprise 🙂

    1. I love that. Very sweet of you. I’m happy she enjoyed the gift…

      Nothing like some extra brownie points 😉

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