Living Room

Living Room

There are many different types of attitudes you can create in your living room, this is a quick guide to help you decide what one works for you…

Creating a Glit’s and Glam Living Room

Key Feature:

  • Sparkle and shine
  • Fur
  • Textures
  • Monochromatic

The space has lots of reflective surfaces. A chandelier is also key, what size you use will depend on the size of the space you will be working with.





Key Features:

  • Nautical colours 
  • Stripes, Whicker 
  • Light airy colour palate
  • Beach wood
  • Shells
  • Candles
  • Blue and White is typically the base of colours chosen
  • Lanterns are also popular.




Rustic Living

Key Features:

  • Stone
  • Wood 
  • Natural materials 
  • Earth tones
  • Fireplace
  • Mantel
  • Live edge wood






Traditional Decor

Traditional decor is typically found in a room that is close to or comes off of a formal dining area. These spaces are used for entertaining and are kept well for that reason.

Traditional decor doesn’t have to look stuffy but it is there to look more showy.






Or Just Mix it all Together

Im Sure that sounds completely crazy, but it is actually really common in todays decor. People take their favourite things from different themes and mix them together. I see the glitz and glam mixed in with the rustic inspiration the most.







What About a More Modern Feel

Key Feature:

  • Minimalist
  • Geometric shapes
  • Strong light and dark contracts
  • Usually one accent colour