Symbols and Meanings in Your Decor

Symbols and Meanings in Your Decor

Adding decor elements in your home can be the finishing touch to a look. They add character to a side table or blank wall, they are the added expressions that make the space feel complete. Have you ever thought about the meaning or symbolism behind them?

Some popular decor and themed elements right now are;

  • animals
  • rocks and minerals
  • thai symbolism
  • chinese symbolism
  • and more


Cats; Now Im not a big domestic cat lover, however the cat itself has a symbolism that is pretty strong. The cat is an independent and patient creature. They symbolize the spirit of adventure and courage. They are known to be wise animals that make you work for their respect and affection.

If you are a cat lover, some popular decor elements include throw pillows, pictures and ornaments. How you integrate them into your space of course is totally up to you.

Dogs; Mans best friend, dogs have a softer symbolism behind them then that of the cat. They represent unconditional love, loyalty and protection. The bond of a dog and their handler is something unique and special. Its nothing like any other bond you will have.

When you think of your dog there is a piece of your heart that lights up. Because of this bond it is common that people use pictures of their dogs for decor, some will search for mugs, figurines and other elements that represent the same breed that they have.

Picture collages using multiple frames of different textures and sizes is a great way to fill a blank wall and add some serious character. If you are looking for a great accent project, collect some images of your dogs and things you do with them, along with other images that reflect your personality. Frame them in a frame that suits the image and lay out a plan for placement on the wall. A project like this is great from a home office space or study, somewhere in the home where you sit quietly and reflect on things. A project like this can be a lot of fun to put together.

Dolphins; nautical themes are very popular in many decor settings. Most of the time you see them in bathrooms or cottages. The jumping dolphin figurine is a go to for many people when they are putting a nautical space together.

The dolphine represents an inner strangth and protection. It also symbolises playfulness and joy, peace and harmony. I can see why they are a popular choice for decor.

I have seen the dolphin decor element really transform from that tacky souvenir you found at the florida gift shop to some really gorgeous pieces. Full metal figures that look like water and have a very whimsical look to them have really become a thing in the decor world. I have been seeing the use of them a lot in stores and different decor magazines. To be honest I myself really like them, integrating them into a space is very easy with the singular color, and the metal look really catches your eye… Be sure to check some out next time you find yourself in a Homsence.

Birds; my mom is all over this one, she loves loves birds, and loves anyhting with birds on it.

When you are thinking birds you imagine a more tropical decor space. Different birds have different meaning however the over all message is the freedom. The term spread your wings and fly comes to mind. In decor I often see the use of the parrot. Most popular is a large colourful image on the wall. To be honest with the new modern and rustic type decor themes being of the more popular choices, the bright color schemes are less favourable, so now when you are seeking images of birds, the prints you will commonly find are a tone one tone or a foil example that had more textures then colors. Not to say there is anything wrong with that, just an example of how things change.

Elephants; elephants are increasing in popularity. You can get beautiful wooden sculptures, elephants with mandala designs, images, bedding, drapery, throw pillow, and the list goes on. Now I would suggest not to go over board. We are talking about accents not a shrine.

Elephants are a symbol of strentgth, good luck, power and wisdom. It is said that an elephant statue i your home is good luck, when placing it in the space, make sure the truck is facing the front door.

I myself use elephants in my decor in my home. I have a couple mandalas and one hand carved wooden piece. If you are drawn to an elephant they can be a great addition to the space. The image example I used is from you are welcome to follow the link if you want top see this or more examples of elephant decor.

Rocks and Minerals 

Rose Quartz; this is known to be a healing stone, and is one of the more popular when it comes to fen shui decor elements. It is the stone of universal love and is said to restore trust and love in a relationship, and encourage unconditional love. Overall it helps restore the balance.

You can get rose quartz in jewellery, carved stones, smooth or rough natural shapes. They can be found in all sorts of different sizes and textures. Collecting ones that speak to you can be fun.

There are many variations and examples of what this stone means and the type of healing if brings. But the overall msg is one of well being and emotional happiness. It has been used for centuries in all different cultures for its healing and emotional support for matters of the heart. There are many people who don’t believe in this sort of thing, but for those who do, it is worth looking into.

Mineral Stone; there are tones and tones of different mineral stones out there, all with different means and benefits. Something like this you could really have fun with. You could find a decorative bowl you like and place it in a focal place like a coffee table, and slowly collect different stones that mean something to you. As the collection grows, you are collecting all the positive benefits from the stones, and it could also become a fun little conversation piece when entertaining.

I love elements that have a duel purpose. Remember decorating is creating an impression, you are expressing yourself in creating the prefect living environment. Adding natural elements like rocks and minerals have such a visually grounding effect, and like many rock experts will say, they also give off some great energy too.

What mineral stone is your favourite?

Thai Symbolism

Om: the Om is a spiritual symbol, it is considered to be one of the most important of spiritual symbols. The Om represents things like truth, eternity, and knowledge. Many people believe the Om is a sign of good fortune, because of this many people use it as a tattoo, depicted on jewellery, and also in a variety of decor options as well.

If you have looked into Thai symbolism at any time you are certain to find a Om depicted somewhere. Trends of the thai culture have gotten increasingly popular, so you will see more and more options available in stores.

Lotus: the lotus flower is anther item of thai symbolism that is really well know and popular. The lotus represents purity of the body, speech and mind and carries a strong symbolism in Buddhism. The lotus is also a symbolism of divine beauty and like the Om is depicted in many variations of artwork and decor items that can be integrated into your home.

Ganesha: known as the master of wisdom and intellect. Ganesha is depicted as a big bellied yellow or red god that has four arms and the head of an elephant with one tusk. This god is typically found riding on or accompanied by a mouse. Very interesting yes.

I am often checking out a variety of decor stores for new ideas and to stay in the know of current trends. I have recently come across statues and pictures of this god frequently. It seems that the popularity of Thai and other cultures similar to it have gotten increasing attention. Home owners are now seeking out a variety of their symbolism for their indoor and outdoor designs.

Buddha Postures: These have taken the industry by storm!!!

You cant walk into a garden centre or decor store without finding a variety of Buddha Postures on display. Buddhism is the prevalent religion of Thailand, the Buddha statues represents the religion and is an important symbol for those who believe in it. The statues have different meanings for the different positions that they are found in.

For exmaple,

  • a budha statue with a hand facing out to you and the other on the lap symbolises the facing of fear.
  • If the statue has both hands in the lap is is meant to represent calming and serenity.
  • a statue that depicts Buddha with one hand touching the ground is meant to symbolize the calling of the earth to witness and is typically found in temples
  • the Buddha that is reclined and laying on its side represents the last moments on this earth before entering nervana.
  • there is a medicine Buddha that will be depicted with one hand toward the ground and herbs in its lap

Knowing there are different meanings to the different statues and poses you will find, you will be able to now search for the ones that has the most meaning to you, and will carry the symbolism that you require.

I have noticed an increase popularity in these figures, there is no shortage of variety, sizes and prices for those that are interested in having a Buddha Posture in your home or your garden.

I have found some options on that you can check out if you are wanting to see some of the variety thats available to you.


I am nowhere close to covering everything… There are many other symbols that can be integrated into your space that mean a great many more things. Feng Shui for example is a whole movement and a whole topic all on its own. One I will cover on another page.

Sometimes when you feel like you are drawn to certain things it is nice to know why. And once you know the why it adds a whole new life.

What symbolism can you find in your decor?

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