Adding a Feature Wall

Adding a Feature Wall

When decorating a space there are so many creative options available to you to make a great impression. It’s not just a three step process… Pick your furniture, find a paint colour that matches, and then pick accents like cushions and ornaments to bring it to life. Yes you can do many things with those three steps, but why not take it a step further? One of my favourite ways to do that is to create a feature wall.

A feature wall can add a lot of character to a space. There are a number of different finishes you can use. The most common being a different colour of paint, or wallpaper. If you like the look of texture you can explore other finishes like plasters, tile, vinyl, wood, laminate, and bamboo.

I recently did a project where I used a color palate of tone on tones to create depth and variety in this open concept space. In a project like this, it can be easy to get out pf control with color, so I created a feature wall in every room using a charcoal grey.

Before the project the entire house was painted the same shade of grey blue. this is a common thing people tend to do in an open concept space. We decided to go a little more drastic in this project and it turned out great.

If you are looking for a more textured finish for your accent walls, hardware store sell texture wall paper that you can put up and then paint over.

The above are a few example from of wallpaer uou can get with texture that is paintable. You can click on the images if you want to check them out online. Wall paper isn’t for everyone, but if your familiar with the application then you may like this option.

The use of different finishes to create the feature wall really bring it to life. Take this space that Lowe’s created as an example. To build the feature wall they used a laminate flooring by Pergo. I love this, it’s creative, its fresh, and makes the living room look so cozy, a place you can retreat to.

If you aren’t sure about putting flooring on your walls, another option is to use slats of wood. I recently did a residential project with some wood I found at It came in a box with a variety of different stained colors. You can click on the image about if you want to see it online.

The pieces come all the same size so you have to cut them yourself to adjust the seam lines, but once it all comes together it looks great. There will be a post in the DIY section on this site where I do the step by step process if this is something your interested in trying.

The project start to finish only took a couple hours. I just used finishing nails to take the wood into place, and the finished product really turned out great .

I Hope I got your creative juices going…

4 thoughts on “Adding a Feature Wall

  1. This is just what I needed right now. I and a buddy of mine are moving into a house together. This is our first house purchase. Just trying to gain every little bit of information about how to set it up inside.This really helped a lot. I will be sure to share this and bookmark your site.

    1. Thats great! Decorating your own space is such a great feeling. Im going to be creating a page where i am going to encourage people to send me photos of their space, and ill post it on the page along with some ideas for decorating and updating 🙂 Good luck with your home, let me know how it is coming along…

  2. Sophie, I was recently at Lowe’s working on a flip I completed earlier this year. I saw that tile and almost used it for the bathroom walls, but I was uncertain to how it would look. I love the idea of a feature wall. I am always looking for new ideas to make a room “pop” if you will. Thanks for the tip, you got my creative juices flowing! lol

    1. lol I’m happy to hear that, getting creative is the best part 🙂 Feature walls can be intimidating I can understand the concern, especially if you were working on a flip. I hope your flip went well… maybe next time you’ll get a chance to explore different finishes.

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