Adding Metallics to Your Decor

Adding Metallics to Your Decor

When you think about metallics you usually associate it with Christmas, or tacky decor, when really metallics can add a lot of dimension to your everyday space.

The most popular request by many clients when taking on a decorating project is for their rooms to feel open, and for their to be a lot of light. If you cant bring down walls and you don’t have access to large windows in the space, the next best thing to capture the light is a metallic or reflective finish.

Take this kitchen above for example, they used a pearl finish for the tile in the backsplash. The light reflects off the surface of the tile which then makes the space seem brighter. Its simple yet effective.

Metallics can be brought into your room in many different ways. If you are someone that likes to seasonally change the look in your home, you may prefer to stick to accent pieces. If you like to do it once and enjoy it for a while, you can explore larger applications such as furniture or wall decor. The great thing with the colour variety that is available to you now is that the colour tones don’t have to be gold or silver. You can get into champagne colours, rose tones, and many other great colours to fit any theme you have in your home.

To share some examples, here are a few gold tone metallic finishes…

Below we have some wall art, a lamp for your side table, and a black wallpaper with a gold brushed pattern on it… I am not suggesting to use all of these in one room. I’m simply showing you some things you can do within a colour story.


lighting fixtures and mirrors can be an obvious choice to add the metallic or chrome like finish into your space, not to say they aren’t a great choice, but I’m suggesting to explore your other options too. I find that in many cases our favourite things end up being something you may never have thought to buy or use before, it’s the out of the box ideas that usually get us the most excited…

Below is an example of how just changing the colour story can completely change the look and feel.


I talked about feature walls in a previous post. If you are someone who likes the use of wallpaper for your feature wall why not try one that has a metallic thread woven into it.

You can get creative, have you seen metallic ceiling tiles? I have seen a few options at Home Depot. They can be used for their intended application, the ceiling, or you could also use them for a wall, or a backsplash. You don’t have to do the full wall, you could use the tiles to create a pattern or large shape to look like wall art. So many different things can be done.


We really could talk about this all day. Your options are truly endless, thats what makes this so much fun…

Do some shopping and some research to see whats out there and whats available to you. I can always help if you have any questions if you want to leave a comment below.

I always have different projects on the go. If something comes up ill keep this post updated…

6 thoughts on “Adding Metallics to Your Decor

  1. If I’m honest I’ve always been a little scared to use metallics but this post has inspired me to think again. I particularly like the idea of a feature wall with a paper that has a metallic thread woven into it.

    I totally agree with what you said about the thinking-outside-the-box ideas being the ones that get us most excited! It’s made me want to make bolder choices for my home 🙂

    1. Thats so great… You definitely should re visit the idea, especially since it is something that you are drawn to. You could start small with a few accent pieces to see if you like how it feels before you commit to a feature wall. The great thing about decor now a days is that you have so many options, I encourage you to go check some different wall papers at your local hardware store. Please let me know if you decide to try it 🙂

  2. I really like the look of this concept. It makes everything seem neat and simple. I wonder if people should still consider incorporating metallics even if their living space is not exposed to natural light.

    Or maybe it doesn’t matter? I always thought that the reflective quality of metallics would be pointless without natural sunlight. Do you think there is a particular colour of light that will complement metallics in general?

    Great article!

    1. Thats a great question. Reflective surfaces don’t always need natural sunlight to achieve the effect. Even in a low lite space the reflection will still help with opening the space. I encourage you to experiment you may be pleasanlty serprised with the result

  3. Thanks for the ideas! If I do get something to hang on my wall one day I am definitely considering a textured metal piece. I used to think of solid, silver blocks when thinking about metallics, but you’ve given me such great inspiration! A nice textured artpiece like the ones in the photos would fit well in my apartment. We don’t deliberately furnish our place with any theme in mind but a metalic piece never seems out of place, does it?

    1. Sometimes when it comes to accent pieces you can choose ones that don’t fit with the overall feel of your space. If you are thinking about using wall art as you mentioned your options are really endless, if you don’t find the exact image you want for your space, you can look into going to a custom print place that can add metallic’s with matting and frames.

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