The Spa Feel, Don’t Forget Your Bedroom

The Spa Feel, Don’t Forget Your Bedroom

Decorating your home should be for you, not for other people. I find that people sometimes tend to start with their main living spaces when decorating their home in order to create something they can show off. Of course your home should be something your proud of and want to share, but don’t forgot one very important space… Your bedroom.

I understand that people want their main living areas to look great, thats where you entertain and show off all your hard work to your friends and family. There is nothing wrong with that you should be proud of what you have accomplished. But don’t forget your bedroom. Your bedroom is your oasis, the place you go to at the end of a long day to literally reenergize yourself through a relaxing sleep. Being able to relax and unwind will help you prepare your mind and body to face the world for another day. So I say again, don’t forget the bedroom.

There are many easy things you can do to.

The Spa Effect is my favourite theme to use in a bedroom. The use of relaxing colour tones, dim lighting, and subtle scented room diffusers is the first step…

Your already well on your way. Add texture to your space, if you have hardwood flooring, throw down a soft rug at your bedside. Use throws at the foot of your bed.

I love layers of pillow, decorative and ones for sleeping, my husband thinks I’m crazy with all my pillows but it makes me happy…

Windows are also important, the layering of bamboo romans and some fabric side panels for privacy can also add to the creation of your oasis. The options are endless…

Decorating is an extension of you, have fun with it.. And remember, don’t forget your bedroom…

4 thoughts on “The Spa Feel, Don’t Forget Your Bedroom

  1. My bedroom is my sanctuary and although it’s not decorated like a 5 star hotel, I do make an effort to keep it clean, organized and smell nice with lavender incense or oil diffuser.

    The side table light that I am using emits a warm orange hue, just the right ambiance to help me get into a good sleep. When I move to a bigger home in a few more years, I will definitely add some spa effect to it.

  2. You’re right! We make so many efforts to make our home and during the process we end up putting more effort trying to impress other people with our beautiful rug, furniture, decor etc. rather make ourselves feel better by focusing on our bedrooms, our personal space which we feel the most safe and relaxed. Home should be for ourselves to love and look forward to go to every night after work not a space where we feel depressed and unhappy with plain walls and next to no decor or scent in our bedroom where we lay down to relax and happily fall asleep… especially for those who have a hard time sleeping most of the time. Thanks for sharing such an important point! 🙂

  3. Very nice! Just reading this post made me feel better. It is nice to have a woman ‘s touch to help people like me to make my home in general more comfortable. But definitely the bedroom .

    The bedroom is a place that you want to be as relaxing as possible. Mentally going to sleep is a problem for some of us. And waking up your mind gets it ‘s first impression on the world in the bedroom. Very true. Good points

    1. yes exactly, its amazing how many people don’t realize how making your bedroom your oasis can change how you end you day and begin a new one, im happy you enjoyed my post 🙂

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