In The Mood for a little Decorating

In The Mood for a little Decorating

Every home has their problem areas. Its those spots where you look and it feels like somethings missing. In my home it was this little corner in the kitchen. Little spaces like this may be challenging, but with every challenge there lies an opportunity.

For this space I wanted to find some accents that would add to the character of the kitchen. This is what I did.


I used this really cool storage unit I found at Marshalls, then added a room defuser from Pier One along with a couple other goodies I found. The door has a mesh insert instead of solid wood peace. Because of this I wanted to make sure I added something on the shelving inside. The smallest of details can offer some of the best finishing touches.

Small projects like this are great because they don’t take up a lot of time or cost a lot of money to do. Completing this project felt good. It was a simple fix and it made the kitchen feel complete.

My next project challenge is another empty wall in the house. I built barn doors out of extra wood I had from a previous project. I plan on using them as decorative wall pieces that I can put small plants on.

Just a little something to add a little something…..

5 thoughts on “In The Mood for a little Decorating

  1. I love the piece you’ve added to the corner! It’s a beautiful antique piece and can be used for storage such as kitchen supplies. Maybe a small green plant or a nice colored antique vase (to compliment the brown storage) or even small framed family pictures or of pets vertically on the wall in the left of the storage would really bring out the corner and give it some colour and make the corner complete with decor. I still love what you’ve done to fill in the corner and keep it simple yet sophisticated! 🙂

  2. This is indeed a tough corner to bring life out but I think you did great with that shelf. I think its a great find and the dark wood (is it teak?) color really matches the color of the wall. I’m curious what is the function of that self in your kitchen space? From the picture, I can see three sections and I believe if you have a great use for each of them, it does perfectly blend function and form in a tight small space. Some great decorating you have done there.

    1. hi and thank you for your comment, it is a rustic styled wood, that is my favourite finish for furniture. I chose this piece because of its function and style for my space. it has some drawers at the bottom for storage, and it opens up to three main shelves that would allow you to use it for decor like i did, or even an extra place to store some dry foods or dish items from your kitchen.

  3. As a guy I might be a little different from the rest because I really do enjoy home décor and design. I actually thought of making a website themed in guys design. I still might. Those small spaces are difficult to fill. A small corner that is floor to ceiling can be tricky. You seem to have found a nice piece to add to the space though. Might I suggest hanging a small candle chandelier from the ceiling? It would help pull the ceiling to the floor a little more. Just my two cents!

    1. in another room a hanging accent would defiantly work, this spot is in my kitchen, its close enough to the kitchen table that the lighting fixture there achieves the exact thing you mentioned. and you totally should explore doing that, there is a lot of men out there that want the ultimate bachelor pad… you just gave me an idea for a post for my tips and tricks page 🙂 thankyou…

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