Re-Potting Your Orchid

Re-Potting Your Orchid

I don’t know about you, but I love Orchids. They are really easy to take care of and are an amazing indoor plant. Last year a friend of mine brought one over as a house warming gift, since then it has started to out grown its little pot it came in.

So off the the garden centre I went to get a new pot… It is suggested to gradually increase the size of the pot, so I was sure to get one that was a little Larger.

What you will need…

  • A new pot that is slightly larger then the one your plant is in now.
  • Orchid mix… not potting soil
  • Some water
  • A knife

Mix From $10.99 a bag

First thing you want to do is make sure the pot is clean. After that you can start to add the orchid mix to the pot. You will want to do about a handful at a time, adding some water as you go so that the bark mix is most for when you add your orchid. Don’t fill the pot yet, you need to make sure you have enough room for all the roots of your plant…

Carefully tip the current pot with the plant inside over the new pot so that it catches any bark that falls as you gentle pull the orchid out of the pot. Check your roots, if there is any rot, use the knife to clean it away, cleaning the knife after each use to make sure the rot is removed and not spread. Now you can place the plant into your pot. Holding it sturdy continue to add more of your orchid mix and water to the new bark until you have filled your pot.


And thats it… all that is left is the clean up, which isn’t much. Your orchid is ready to be put back in its spot in your home 🙂

If you have any other tips or tricks that you use drop a comment below…

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