Using Diffusers in Your Home

Using Diffusers in Your Home

As a decorator I have been to many spaces where smell has been something the home owner didn’t think of to address. Spaces where there is still some more potential for great. The great thing, like most decor elements there is lots of variety out there to choose from. I’m hoping to open your eyes to something that has been around for a while, however has really started to see a growth in the market as we are all becoming more health and wellbeing conscious…

Volatile Aromatic Compounds are found in all sorts of different plants, they are extracted to create essential oils. These essential oils carry many benefits for your health and well being. A Diffuser creates an ultrasonic vibration that separates the oils form the water sending into the air a burst of negative ions. Negative ions are also found in nature form things like waves in the ocean or a water falls. The negative ions that they create are only a fraction of what can be created through a diffuser.

Wouldn’t you like to have the ability to bring the feeling you get when your walking the ocean into your home…

I just said a whole lot of things that you may or may not know anything about, you may also be wondering what it has to do with decor. So Lets start from the top and break it all down.

Indoor air quality and smells are something we all try to keep under control. There is nothing like relaxing in a room filled with a soothing and relaxing aroma. Some of us have a go to candle, others choose a plug in air freshener or a room spray. Have you every thought about if these products had any benefits to your health, or if it is something that could be toxic to you and your family?

Burning candles is a typical go to for most people. They smell pretty and they look pretty, but they also come with a handful of hazards. You shouldn’t leave a burning candle unattended as it could cause an accidental fire in the home. Many candles have toxic, and non natural ingredients in them to help reduce the cost of manufacturing. These toxins are hazardous to you and your indoor air quality. Candles can be a burn hazard for you and your children if an accidental spill of wax were to occur, or if a pet knocked it over. I used to be a big candle person until my eyes were opened about many of the hazards they come with.

You can use plug in air fresheners… These are also a popular and common item used in the home to help cover up any unwanted smells and leave the space feeling fresher. Just like a candle, there isn’t much for a health benefit.

When decorating a home you need to include all the senses to complete the impression you are trying to create. Just as you have taking tons of time to pick the perfect pain colours and put together the perfect collection of furnishings, you should consider how you are going to address the smell in your home.

I recently chose to stop using candles and air fresheners, instead I have found a few decorative diffusers that match the decor in my space and use essential oils to not only clean my indoor air, but also fill it with a variety of smells depending on my mood for that day. I have oil blends to help get my day started, and ones that are relaxing after a long days work.

Nature can offer us a lot of great things, one of those great things are the volatile compounds found in many plants. These compound can be harvested into essential oils. essential oils when they are diffused fill the air with negative ions. Negative ions have been proven to have major health benefits all the way from helping to reduce stress, to giving you a sense of alertness and awake. I could get deeper into the breakdown of the process behind making essential oils, and how they effect  your well being, but I found trying them out more fun…

Diffusers use ultrasonic vibrations to separate the oil from the water in the diffuser and push the negative ions into the air. Some diffusers light up like a night light, some are more decorative looking then others. but overall the benefits from using a diffuser way out ways any other product you can use in your home for the ambiance and the air freshening quality.

Ive adding some great examples of diffusers I found on amazon… As you can see there is a variety in look sand price points. You are sure to find something that will work well within your room decor.


Yes there is a bit of a higher price tag to it at first… Once you have your diffuser and some essential oils, you will find you will get a lot for what you pay for. On a four house setting I use about 6 drops of the oil,  so it costs be about $2 every time I run my diffuser. A 5ml bottle costs anywhere between $25-$55 depending on what kind of oils you want to buy. A little truly goes a long way. If you are wondering where to buy your oils you can check out the doTerra site, thats where I get all my oils from.

Decorating your home can come with a large price tag, do it one step at a time. And don’t forget to attack all the senses. If you are using a diffuser at home leave a comment below with your thoughts on them.

ESSESNTIAL OILS: you can find a variety of essential oils at doTerra 

4 thoughts on “Using Diffusers in Your Home

  1. Diffusers seem to be supper popular – I shop at Homesence a lot and see tones of different ones there – how do you know you are getting a good one?

    1. That’s a valid concern, all my diffusers are from doTerra and I am very very happy with them. I know there are other companies out there that offer different shapes and sizes but as for the quality of the product I really can’t speak to that. I go with what I know. If you decided to try a doTarra diffuser you won’t be disappointed

  2. My daughter is a doTerra wellness advocate and she has been trying to get me into diffusers. She swears by them… I keep seeing more and more people talking about them, I’m thinking I should give them a try. I know it would make her really happy if I did…

    1. Hi Sue, I use doTerra products myself, the petal diffuser on the post is the same as the one that I have at home. I use it every day, if you decide yo give it a try I don’t think you will regret that decision. Im sure your daughter can give you lots of suggestions of some good blends to try too…

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